Do you hate making a compromise between a cheap and a comfortable vacation home? Would you like to start living a more sustainable, affordable and eco-friendly lifestyle?

If so, a Tiny House might be just what you need! 

Currently, Australian housing is more expensive than ever, especially for the young generation. This doesn’t mean you need to forgo your dream of owning a home – but rather, become smart about it. Teeny Tiny Homes makes it possible to buy your own home while cutting down on overblown expenses such as electrical and gas bills, and heating as the overall size of the home means less power is used to heat or cool your space. What’s more, they’re specifically designed to match your personality and needs.

Each and every Teeny Tiny Home comes with its own custom design. Depending on your needs and wants, it can contain a fully equipped kitchen for all of your gourmet experiments, a spacious lounge room to entertain guests, a large double bedroom and a fully equipped bathroom/laundry space. With Teeny Tiny Homes, the possibilities are virtually limitless – let your imagination go wild and create the tiny house of your dreams!

Choose Teeny Tiny Homes if you’re looking for a house that is:

•   Affordable

•   Flexibility

•   Designed to your taste

The ultimate solution for the wild of heart, those looking for an alternative lifestyle and aspiring homeowners that don’t want to break the bank, Teeny Tiny Homes provide you with beautiful simplicity and an outstanding blend between functionality and aesthetics.